Polymers / Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) / LDPE 2102TN

Property Value
MFI 1.9
Density (ISO 1183 (A)) 921 (Kg/cm3)
Gloss (45˚) (ASTM D 2457) 53 %
Haze (ASTM D 1003A) 11 %
Clarity (SABTEC method) 28 mV
Slip (DSM method) 500 E (ppm)
Anti-block (DSM method) 2300 (ppm)
Impact strength (ASTM D 4272) 18 (kJ/m)
Tear strength TD (ISO 6383-2) 22 (kN/m)
Tear strength MD (ISO 6383-2) 72 (kN/m)
Yield stress TD 11 (Mpa)
Tensile Stress at break TD 18 (Mpa)
Tensile Stress at break MD 32 (Mpa)
Strain at break TD > 500 %
Strain at break MD >100 %
Blocking <5 %
Coefficient of friction 0.1


LDPE 2102TN covers a wide variety of densities and melts flow rates. The LDPE grade slate has a wide variety of slip and anti-block additives levels and includes a large numbers of grades with excellent optical properties. LPC tubular production technology guarantees a very low gel level and outstanding draw down ability, low odour and taste levels, is an advantage for thin film processes and e.g. food packaging.