Polymers / Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) / LDPE 2100TN

Property Value
MFI 0.3
Density 0.921 (Kg/cm3)
Gloss (45˚) (ASTM D 2457) 46 %
Haze (ASTM D 1003A) 12 %
Clarity (SABTEC method) 65 mv
Impact strength 35 (kJ/m)
Tear strength TD 25 (kN/m)
Tear strength MD 20 (kN/m)
Yield stress TD 11 Mpa
Yield Stress MD 12 Mpa
Tensile Stress at break TD 26 Mpa
Tensile Stress at break MD 29 Mpa
Strain at break TD > 500 %
Strain at break MD > 200 %
Blocking < 5 g
Coefficient of friction 0.7


L2100 Grade with excellent toughness and tear strength and outstanding shrink properties. Very low energy consumption during processing and has excellent draw down ability. The material contains no additives and is suitable for application in shrink-hoods, industrial sacks, heavy duty carrier bags and liners. As a result the product range covers a wide variety of densities and melts flow rates. The LDPE grade slate has a widow variety of slip and anti-block additives levels and includes a large numbers of grades with excellent optical properties.