Polymers / Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) / LDPE 0075

Property Value
MFI 0.75
Density (TSTM 209 B) 0.920 (g/ml)
Softening Point (ASTM D 1525) 95 °C
Haze (ASTM D 1003) 15 (Max) %
Elongation@ break (MD /TD) 300/450 (Min) %
Tensile @ break (MD /TD) 170 (Min) (Kg /cm)
Dart impact (ASTM D1709) 120 (Min) gr


LH0075 is a high molecular weight low density polyethylene film grade combining good flexible extrusion behavior and superior mechanical properties. Film made from LH0075 exhibits high dart impact combined with excellent yield and tensile strength and high stiffness.