Oil & Energy / Bitumen / Bitumen 120 - 150

Property Value
Specific Gravity @ 25/25 deg. C.
Penetration @ 25 deg. C. 120-150 mm/10
Softening Point deg. C. 40-45 ºC
Ductility @ 25 deg. C. 100 cm min
Loss on heating PCT. WT. 0.5 wt% max
Drop in penetration after heating PCT. 20 % max
Flash point deg. C. 218 ºC min
Solubility in Trichloroethylene 99.0 wt% min
SPOT TEST Negative


Bitumen penetration grade 120/150 is produced during the process of  oxidation  of  vacuum  bottom  (the  bitumen  production feed stock  that  derives  from  distillation  tower  residue  in vacuum  oil  refineries)  at  bitumen  production units in a manner that its penetration point (kind of test to indicate the hardness  of  bitumen)  becomes  between  120-150. Bitumen 120-150  has  high  flash  point  and  high  adhesion  properties to aggregates, compatible with all types of aggregates.