Polymers / Polyvinyl chloride ( PVC ) / PVC S7054

Property Value
K-Value 70 (DIN- 53726)
Sulphate ash (wt % max) 0.05 (DIN-53568/2)
Volatiles (wt % max) 0.2 (ISO R-1269)
Bulk density (gr/lit) 490 (DIN-53466)
Screen Analysis 63 micron (wt % min) 85 (DIN-53734)
Screen Analysis 250 micron (wt % max) 0.5 (DIN-53734)
Dark resin (particles in 250gr PVC) No.Max 30 (HULS-6.7)
Plasticizer acceptance (grDOP/100grPVC min.) 20 (DIN-53417/1)
Fish eyes (Number per 25 cm2 max.) 5 (HULS-6.9)
Flowability (dia. of funnel outlet )(mm max.) 4 (HULS-6.10)
Viscosity number (Cm3/gr) 105 (DIN- 53726)
Residual VCM (ppm) ≤ 1 (HULS-6.11)


PVC S7054  is  the  approximate  56%  wt.  chlorine  containing  polymer  of  vinyl  chloride  with thermoplastic  properties.  Grade S-7054  has  high  porosity.  Therefore  it  is  most  suitable  for flexible applications. The electrical, mechanical & thermal properties expected of the various applications can be achieved with this grade.