Polymers / Polystyrene ( PS ) / High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS)

Property Value
Met Flow Index (200°C-5KG) g/10min ISO 1133 H 4.5
Styrene Residual Monomer <500
Vicat Softening Point ( 50 °C/hr 1kg) °C 97
Rockwell Hardness SCALE/L65
Tensile Stress At Break MPA 23
Elongation At Break % 60
Flexural Modulus MPA 1850
Tensile Modulus MPA 1950
Izod Impact KJ/M2 11
Izod Impact KJ/M2 % <0.1
Water Adsorption % <0.1


HIPS7240  is a very high impact polystyrene for the extrusion industry. This grade hasbeen designed to diluted with crystal polystyrene.Thegood melt strength of this grade makes it particularly suited for deep-drawthermoforming. HIPS7240 is available in white color.