Polymers / High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) / HDPE HB 0035

Property Value
MFI 0.35
Mass density (23°C) 0.959 (g/cm3)
Izod impact strength 25 min (Kg.cm/cm)
Yellow index -5 max.
Ash content 0.06 max (wt%)
Volatile matter 0.05 max. (wt%)
Tensile strength @ break 290 min (gr/cm2)
Elongation @ break 900 min %
Melting point 130 °C
Vicat softening point 126 °C
ESCR 15 hr


HB0035 is a high molecular weight high density polyethylene blow moulding grade combining blow moulding extrusion behavior and superior mechanical properties. Blow moulded items made from HB 0035 exhibit high impact strength and good stress cracking resistance and high stiffness. HB 0035 contains antioxidant to protect the polymer from degradation during processing. HB 0035 is a highly crystalline, non-polar thermoplastic and has excellent chemical resistance and superb impact resistance at ambient conditions and even at cold temperatures.