Polymers / High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) / HDPE 7000F

Property Value
MFI 0.04
Density (23ºC) 0.952 (g/cm3)
Stress at Yield Point 250 (Kg/cm2)
Stress at Break 390 (Kg/cm2)
Elongation at Break Above 500 %
Izod Impact 30 (Kg.cm/cm)
Stress Cracking Resistance Above 600 hr
Melting Point 131 ºC


HD7000F is high density polyethylene film grade which well known for the high quality film applications. This grade is excellent  for  thin  film  processing  with  high  mechanical  strength,  good  stiffness  and  good  heat  sealability.  It  is suitable  for producing general purpose packaging films in a wide range of size and thickness.